Tree Health and Weed Abatement:

California Pest Management is one of the few pest companies that has an in house Arborist in it's ownership.  We are a committed Steward of the environment and part of that includes the preservation of the natural ecosystem.  This mean our plants and trees.  In these drought conditions, trees and plants must survive on much less water than they are used to.  This leaves them in a stressed condition and more conducive to pests and diseases than at any other time.  We evaluate the plants and provide curative and supportive treatments.

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Pest Control Versus Pest Management?

The term IPM or integrated Pest Management originated in agriculture as a concept that you can tolerate a certain amount of damage to a plant before the damage will effect the plant's ability to product fruit or a crop.  When that threshold is breached, then you take appropriate steps to use different and increasingly harsh methods up to, but not always including the use of insecticides.  The true concept of IPM does not really work in a home or business.  One cockroach may not be causing any economic damage of significance, but a homeowner will not tolerate it.  One mouse may cause a small amount of loss to your grass seed or stored grains, but even one is not tolerated in a home or business.  Therefore we have to be realistic and utilize the appropriate measures to achieve as pest free a life as possible.  Tolerating the occasional ant or sowbug or earwig.  Installing a pea gravel 12 inch border around the home to prevent pest entry.  Keeping trash cleaned up and in sealed bags in covered bins at all times.  That is what we really do.  We help you to work with us to achieve a balance with nature.

Urban Pest Management Services:

​Our programs for working with the environment to prevent pest issues can be as simple as cleaning up your yard of debris and trimming bushes, to plant pest treatments to prevent ant problems and modifying your watering schedule to make the yard a more arid environment and inhospitable to the pests.  We examine the site or home and then take the appropriate environmentally sound procedures that are necessary.  No two sites are exactly alike and we tailor our programs to your needs and desires plus regulatory demands.

Gopher and Ground Squirrel Control:

Pesky gophers and ground squirrels make nice burrows in the landscape undermining our lawns and hillsides.  Ground squirrel burrow system can be extremely involved and many times endanger slopes.  Gophers create pop up holes from their burrows that people and pets can trip in and cause serious injuries.  The use of plants and alternative products typically does not work.  Sonic and vibrating devices are quickly ignored by the gophers.  Our lush landscapes make wonderful fast food joints for these pests.  The best methods are exclusion from individual plants with a cage barrier and prompt trapping in a residential environment.  If you wish to contract for this service, we utilize baits, fumigants and carbon monoxide treatments.

The bait materials are typically Strychnine or Zinc Phosphide treated seeds or oats placed in the burrow system.  Once the gopher eats it, they die quickly.  Depending upon the situation and local environment, we may decide to not use these products due to the possibility of secondary poisoning of raptors, scavengers and other mammals.  In this case we will use products with no residual life at all.  This includes Aluminum Phosphide and Carbon Monoxide.  The Aluminum Phosphide pellets are placed in a burrow and react with the moisture in the soil to produce phosphine gas, which is lethal to the gophers.  The gas dissipates within hours, leaving only a powdery aluminum hydroxide behind which has no toxicity to it at all.  While the best choice, for gopher burrow treatment, if within 100 feet of a structure or if the soil is very dry, we have to switch to Carbon Monoxide.  The gas is colorless and odorless.  We actually add a light smoke to the gas to keep track of its movement.  This gas is generated by a gasoline driven motor and the exhaust is pumped into the burrow system, making the gopher go to sleep and die within 2 minutes. 

With all of these measures, there are no preventative measures against gophers invading your garden or landscape.