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Like working with a smart, dedicated team of professionals who offer creative solutions to your pest challenges? Look no further than California Pest Management.


We have a combined 65 years' experience in both commercial and residential pest management solutions and maintenance for an array of satisfied and grateful clients.

We're dedicated to mastering the art of Urban Pest Management.

What We Offer

It all started with an idea to protect the environment...

In 1993, Jim Harmon was working at UCLA in Facilities Management doing pest control.  He developed an idea from his friends in the Greenhouse and production Agriculture industries, Integrated Pest Management for the structural environment.  Using much less pesticides randomly sprayed into the environment, the concept of Urban Pest Management uses inspection and identification of pests and environments conducive to pest growth first.  Then we turn the environment against the pests via removal of food, water and harborage.  Many times, it can stop there or we may have to put out just the right amount of material to mitigate a small problem - i.e. a scalpel versus a shotgun! 

Constant evaluation keeps your site pest free and chemical free. 

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